Another idea spring idea

when spring comes there should not be a minigame because hive wants to work on massive update with their permanent gamemodes but instead a easter egg hunt in the hub if clank or splog3r is reading this would this be a good idea or a bad one who’s with me on this and there can be the following
hub title: hop hop
costume: rabbit
avatar: easter egg

Good idea.

They’ve done an Easter egg hunt before, so I am almost certain that they will do it again.

Plus, the 2020 costume reward was a bunny (or, should I say Bunneh!), so I assume they will do something different in terms of the costume.

There’s a pretty good chance that there will be some sort of egg hunt, since it’s been done a lot in the past. There’s already a “Hop hop hop” hub title, which obtained from the Hoppy costume, which is also a bunny!!: Hoppy Costume by The Hive - MCStore

As for the gamemode, the Hive has said that the Hive team is going to focus more on permanent updates, so we’ll have to wait and see :blobheart:


Wait… when did you get promoted to moderator? that’s really exiting!

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yeah i was so exited i excited the room /j

a few days ago lol

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