Annoying gamer moment #1 - dying by falldamage during the respawn

The worst thing is that I am aware of this bug. :woozy_face:


Happens to me all the time, this bug is so annoying.

Please do not say: Do NoT mOvE wHeN yOu DiE
I know I can do that.


Isn’t there like a certain grace period before you can take damage?

Yes, but when you hit on the ground at the exact last moment before the actual respawn (teleportation) at your island, you take the fall damage.


Damn that’s annoying. Hope they fix this soon.

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Most of the time I die either when attacking a base or being attacked, and I start running forward to hit them off. I end up taking 7 hearts (14hp) or damage and get one hit

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Just add barriers around the death area

that’s a horrible idea, when you respawn it should remove fall damage entirely.

Does this still happen? because I haven’t encountered it in a long time

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