Animal Crossing 🐱

For those that didn’t know a lot the Hive Bedrock team are super ADDICTED to the new Animal Crossing. cough @AniKitten @Malu @Splodg3r

I just wanted to reach out to some people on the forums who may have Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Feel free to leave your switch friend codes below and I’ll add you! :+1:

Also feel free to leave in-game screenshots if you have some. :smiley_cat:

This is what my character is looking like. (a few days old)

(pizza merch)

Also I saw this washed up bird tell me that I’m not a pizza…


:pizza: :+1:


I gotta get me some of that pizza merch


My Switch Friend Code can be also found on my bio:


Though I don’t have #ACNH, but I really want it. Plus the Nintendo eShop here on Brazil is different, you can only purchase games and apps with redeem codes, which can be bought on


not really my kind of game(I prefer action adventure/metroidvanias), but it’s good you all found something you love

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I really want to get it but I can’t sadly, maybe one day.

If anyone wants to add me: SW-5037-9167-5318


sorry but i am dead on nintendo so i think when i get back on my switch i’ll buy it

what exactly do you mean by “dead on Nintendo”

meant i wasn’t playing my switch as much


also my FC is 3381-9422-5819 if you want to friend me (i don’t have Animal Crossing) soory for dp

Just remember to farm tarantulas for the money, they basically run the economy.
FC - 1327-5077-0810