Angry Ghost

Idea: :ghost:

In Ghost Invasion, ghosts when they’re exploding just have their nametag colored of red (for who wants to know §l§c[name]). They also should have an angry expression to make them more “good” and make for humans more easily to see.

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i pressed vote and it went up by 2, did we vote at the same time or did me pressing it make it update and it showed your one???, anyway great idea

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Maybe, I dunno :sweat_smile: thanks anyways!

Good idea would be goofy tho

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Hahaha good idea ghost looks like they poopin tho lol


I’m bumping this topic because it’s funny.

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why is it funny? because it’s not Halloween?

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No, because of the face. Literally the point of the post (I guess) and why everyone liked it (I guess).

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