An trader kit

An trader kit!

In the trader kit you can select an player and trade stuff with them. Such as you take from their inventory an diamond sword and put to their inventory an knockback nemo! Just like trading in real life!

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Yeah, but skywars kits is a solos game, unless you’re talking about your teamate. You’d just be able to drop the item on the ground.

I can see this being used for teaming purposes in SkyWars and teaming isnt allowed. So there is actually no way this will ever be added. Also this is SkyWars which is a pvp game where people have to fight each other and not trade at all.

Ok. A stealer kit?

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Still not a good kit. Bruh this is SkyWars, which is player vs player which means you have to FIGHT and KILL other people. You aren’t supposed to be trading in any way. Any other kit you suggest that has to do with taking or trading items from someone else isn’t going to be a good kit at all.

A stealer kit seems great, someone has a nemo and is abusing it, you can just steal it. Can’t find a chestplate, just steal one! Someone only has a sharp 1 diamond sword, steal it and leave them without a weapon. Idk how you think this wouldn’t be pvp related?? You steal an item so you can get the advantage in the fight. I’d pick a stealing/trading kit over void walker any day.

It still isn’t a great kit either way and would be VERY annoying and abused. If this was added, the game would just turn into a game of who can steal OP stuff from other people.

I mean the game is luck based so…

So… that doesn’t mean you need to steal from other players. How desperate are you for some snowballs and a nemo?

Extremely because those are great items! Anyways it wouldn’t be out of place for this game, once again, since its luck based. Btw there is a kit for snowballs, its called the baller(don’t think you know that). Also by any chance you feel void walker is way too op, lmao.


I know that I’m just saying.

Its luck based for a reason since it is SkyWars lucky blocks. And it would be out of place, since a lot of people would use this kit to make the game 100x more annoying than it already is.

If this was also added, multiple people would complain that it is an annoying kit and make suggestions to get rid of it

Sure good points, but I think it would be better than people getting low then jumping off because they have void walker. This “trader kit” would definitely have people picking it over void walker.

I just said that more people will be picking it since they have an advantage of getting OP stuff from other people but nonetheless, Hive would not add this either way no matter how many votes it gets.

Some people still will pick other kits but this kit will make the game unfair for people who actually like to get loot the legit way unlike being desperate to win and just stealing from other people.