An bad skin, please ban he!

Hey Hive team

First I am an German boy. :smiley:

On the Saturday the 09.24.2020 I played Tresure Wars at the Hive.
Then I saw a player which hacked. He destroyed with one click all blocks around the tresure.
As this happend I saw his skin! Its a H*** skin. This skin is bad so bad! Please ban he!

On the Server are playing little kids. They’ll haven’t see this skin!

Her a picture with the player name!

His name : Gitler1989


Hello, welcome! You can report this user on the Hive Discord, but since you’ve already made a post here a staff member will most likely look into this for you. In future, you can either PM a staff member here or use the Discord, which I linked above :+1:



Hey ThanPixel

Thank you for this anwser!
I hope you have an great day!

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