Amount of Max Levels

This is pretty simple, but I think Just Build is pretty difficult to get max level in, and I really, REALLY, want to know how many people are max level in it. I don’t even know if this information is available to anyone, but I really want to know.

  • Yes, I’m max level
  • No, but I’m close.
  • No, and I’m like miles away

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I’m not max, and I probably never will be unless I’m tryna get max level in all games.

idk, maybe try go searching EVERY individual username on the stats website thingy

I grinded to about level 12 a few weeks after it was released and then basically forgot about it while I was grinding TW. Then I friended to about level 18. I played for a few hours everyday, and yes it takes a long time and a lot of effort. Then if I remember correctly, SkyWars was released and I got to level 20 like a day or so after.

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Did you play solos? I can’t imagine it if I played solos, I had a friend that I always played with and I grinded with him.

I solo queue duos a lot, but sometimes I played with others

I would do duos with a friend sometimes, but yes it was mostly solos :eyes:

Im almost half way. Once I max out on it I will be done with it unless it gets updated.

Do you mean halfway as in levels or as in xp?


Then you aren’t even close to halfway if you’re only level 10 :grimacing:

But I am not miles away

im lvl 12 rn, thats what i could grind to w o being burnt out

Bob the builder (can u build it!) I’m lvl 2

He’s called Rob the builder
Copyright reasons.
My friend says he looks like Builder Grian

ikr he does, thats the first thing i said when i saw it