Alternate Future of the World 2: Insert a good title here

No problem.

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Traffic light 59 claims ownership of China and gives it to his VP MysteryGxmer

I claim canada

did mystery even consent to being your vp lol

Yes I DMed him

despite that im not gonna let you have china since the us will still basically own it

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Yeah we texted about it

also here’s the map right now

I claim Australia.

I also claim Greenland

DrYellower claims Israel and the Dead Sea
I know we aren’t supposed to claim the sea but the dead sea is more like a huge lake

No one claimed India? I claim India and Singapore. I also claim Bangladesh.

3 countries under my hand feels good.

Tuvalu is mine! Also can I just claim every remaining country bc there isn’t a limit

One sec I’m going to pick the most random country

Lonelytaco lays claim to Japan

Wait no on got China even though China is one of the most powerful nations. lmao

China is mine.

Japan offers money to China

I got China ( 99% sure)

Edit: yes I have China and I gave it to mystery


Does anyone want to sign a peace treaty before violence begins

Oh yes sorry for the confusion.

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