Alternate Future of the World 2: Insert a good title here

The sequel to AFOTW

why a sequel? idk its a good concept but the original game went total spaghetti fast

The new, revised rules

  1. You cannot make up things about other people unless you are purposely staging something to justify a war.
  2. No planets (was an issue in the other game for a bit)
  3. No incredibly overpowered weapons. Nukes are still allowed but they should only be used should DEFCON 1 be reached.
  4. No custom countries. They were legal in the original, but not here.
  5. Try to avoid having too many overseas territories.
  6. You must have a justification for war (for example, you could stage something, or maybe you have some other reason idk).
  7. The Holy See or Antarctica may not be picked in any circumstance.
  8. As a superpower (ie America) you cannot occupy another country as large as you (like China).

The DEFCON System
New game, new mechanic. The DEFCON System measures the peace in the world and is in turn affected by what goes on around it.

DEFCON 5 - Absolute Peace.
DEFCON 4 - A bit of tension.
DEFCON 3 - Some tension.
DEFCON 2 - A lot of tension. Countries with access to nukes may prepare them should it go to DEFCON 1.
DEFCON 1 - A ton of tension. Nukes may be used, but should too many be launched at one time, the world will end and everyone will have to retreat to bunkers.

DEFCON can be affected by:

  • Wars
  • Setting up troops on the border of others
  • Missile Crises
  • Signing of Peace Treaties

Now that the rules are put in place, let’s start, shall we?

The year is 2022. A happy new year indeed, with the pandemic over.

HolyPotato263 lays claim to the United Kingdom.

It is currently DEFCON 5.


GoldenCenturia claims Russia.

It is still very peaceful.


…Interesting. (I wonder if she’ll persue Crimea?)

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Traffic light 59 is the president of the USA with his Vice President @MysteryGxmer

He also builds a nice cottage of each of the islands the USA has ( guam, Puerto Rico etc ) and also owns Mexico. He is a very charitable person and loves to be involved with local communities and plays Minecraft with the kids

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Em claims Germany

It’s peaceful at defcon 5, and all of the residents are happy!

Also @HolyPotato263 what is the Holy See?

the vatican city

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geography moment

And also is there a limit to the amount of countries you can own?

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Can I claim bodies of water this time?


you cannot claim water

water is for everyone to drink


ok jokes aside there currently isnt a limit

(last post fn i swear)

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Em claims Australia as well

Could I suggest a chart depicting which countries are owned by who?

United Kingdom does not recognise that claim.

yes ive got one rn

Germany offers a shared leadership of Australia to the UK

Btw I own USA

I’d rather Australia be left alone for the time being. After all, it’s not your flag displayed on the top left.

Yep, I’ve got you on the map rn.


Will leave it up for someone else, but isn’t this an alternative future of the world? In this future Britain may not have controlled Australia for a period of time.

thats more or less alternate history, this has all of the history in our world + whatever we do with the future

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fair enough

Thank you!