Allow people with only a java account linked to talk in bedrock chat


More information:

I don’t know how long this has been like this, but recently @ryan rejoined the hive discord and lost access to bedrock-chat. I’m pretty sure you can talk in java-chat with only a bedrock role, so why not?


@Ryan must be unbanned


No you can’t.

Also this is a very recent feature, they changed it for a reason.

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we are simply random newgens but we know of the tale of @Ryan , a valiant Felon that turned against his kind and comitted the evilest of attrocities and was banished from the world of Forum

As of a week ago I can confirm that you cannot. I linked my java account so I can’t check now.

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oh, i saw green names talk in java chat and i thought java regular overrides bedrock plus, ok

I think they were people with emerald

i think br plus overrides java reg but yeah also that

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Hello there :wave:

I believe people with no java account linked , cannot talk in the java chat and people wiith no bedrock account linked cannot talk in bedrock chat . The separation is made to avoid mixing of topics and yes bedrock plus role is above the regular role on java that is why you must have seen someone from bedrock chat over there.