Addition To Minimum Play Height

It’s really annoying to have to deal with minimum play height after getting a really good clutch off. It’s also annoying when someone camps at the bottom of the map, which is why minimum play height was introduced. Here’s a solution to both annoyances - If you are below minimum play height and have not gained a block of height within a certain period of time (let’s say 5 seconds), you then start taking damage. If your height decreases not due to knockback dealt by a player, you start taking damage. This will let people who clutch far down still have a chance at survival, and still make camping underground not a viable idea.

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To clarify, what I meant by “If your height decreases not due to knockback dealt by a player” I mean if someone hits you with a snowball or bow and it causes you to go down, you don’t immediately start taking damage, but if you jump down without taking knockback from an enemy you do.

I mean there still ways this could be abused. People could just pearl down there on purpose and build up a block every second, delaying the game by a couple minutes. Still this might work tho.

While it could for sure still be abused, it would force players to go up and be exposed if they’re going to delay the game.


I can agree with this

Most people who mole or under base aren’t great at pearling.

In addition I think there should be less ores the further down the island as it will decrease the gains of moling.