Adding winstreaks on the Treasure Wars statistics

Winstreaks on the Treasure wars statistics

It would make it easier for ppl to remember their winstreaks even without making another acc

Adding winstreaks on the statistics would be amazing it could be a way for ppl to prove themselves that they are rlly good at tw

Yes this a good idea! :smile:One thing though a bot in my discord called give stats does have a page for treasure wars winstreaks, however nothing comes up for it. Perhaps it could be added on that discord bot and online as well for non discord users.

More like that they don’t play solos. This would be even better if gametypes were seperate because it’s so much harder to win solos than squads


When I created an ideas like this over a month ago I got like no votes lol

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sike we’re not getting winstreaks


Nooooooo. I wanted then.

The reasoning imo isn’t, solid, but I guess I respect their decision