Adding More hive ui

Adding UI In The hive
Inventory UI
Normal players Have Original Orange UI
Hive+ Green And Redesign UI
YouTube Red and White Ui
Helper Blue UI
I run out of ideas

This sounds cool and all but it’s just not necessary.

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This is kind of hard for me to understand, but are you asking for the hive to retexture all vanilla ui for different games? I honestly see no point in that


Also that would take too much maintenance


If you give everything its own UI, and then a variant of that for each rank, there would be 48 different UIs (if my math is correct)that the hive would have to support. Multiply that by like 2 for touch and non touch varients.

Oh yeah, this would have to be a texture pack, and to switch those on bedrock, you have to exit the server, and even restart the game sometimes when it glitches, which would defeat the whole point of having Hive do this, instead of having one of us just create a “Sky Wars UI Pack”.

In other words its impractical, if not impossible.

Good luck getting that added.

A good start would be voting for your own idea.


yeah i dont feel like downloading 5 terabytes of cache.


Assuming its only inventory, chat, and hotbar, it would be roughly 43 megabytes… and thats a very conservative estimate. (based off of one of Astral “Client”'s subpacks that only contains that, it could be a lot more if it had other UI elements, like escape menu, main menu, loading screens, background panorama…) That would be way too much to force people to download when they join Hive, and forcing it when you join is the only way Hive could find this worth it.


so you ARE a nerd
So there’s no way to input this. Should this be closed?





Ok then