Adding lava buckets and water buckets to skywars

They’re used for tactics that may be confusing or feel unfair to players that aren’t able to counteract them, so to speak. Younger players are going to get quickly frustrated if we’re adding strategies that are a bit finicky, is all :o


tbh I have never thought of how water and lava buckets could be useful in skywars, like maybe if a player is trying to build up from the edge, the water bucket can be placed at the edge so that it can push the player into the void, unless if the player is very smart
it can also be used to break falls, I guess

Then for lava buckets I dont really know how could they be used, all I know is that lava is only useful in cobblestone generator

Water bucket could be used for avoiding fall damage, making traps and much more
While Lava bucket could be used for trapping, slowing down your enemy, etc.

Don’t forget about creating lag

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ah yes, the lag. I always experience that if I were to play skywars, since I am on mobile, usually happens at night.

Maybe sometimes water will not come out when the water bucket is being placed, lag in minecraft is something we need to consider too

I don’t think it’s fitting, It’s literally just the fire sword and fire charge combined. Sure, Lava can’t be stacked other than the fire charge but with like a few buckets you can make it infinite and obsidian might make it hard for players because there’s only an Iron pick.


This feature seems interesting! Voted

This will change the way you play it and i can recreate my amazing waterfall battle

I like the idea but I love the fire sword sooooo….

This is the thing. I don’t actually think the fire sword is OP. Sure, there’s no real counter to it, but I believe that there in a lot of luck going into it working and I haven’t seen lot of players use it (including me I don’t like it) So maybe water buckets (though fall damage isn’t really a problem) but again I don’t think we need to counter them because they aren’t amazing.

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The only real use for the fire sword is if the person your fighting is full diamond. It does the same damage plus fire damage so it’s just necessary to get one if your fighting a full diamond ( no prot helmet or boots ). I think the fire sword is a way better compromise than the original wooden one and I just can’t see hive adding water as it would make gameplay too similar to Hypixel’s. Water would be a cool addition but Hive loves to put their own twist on their games.