Add the Hive Plus to the Quest Master


I just wanted the hive plus to be on the quest master and I think make it 5000QP

More information:

Please I just wanted the hive plus im jealous of the other players I am poor so I cant buy it.

I don’t think this is a great idea, Hive+ is how Hive makes the majority of it’s money (and costumes)


Hello, welcome to the forums! This will probably not happen as ceoricon said this is how the Hive makes money. Even though this might help some, it will hurt the server and we want the server to thrive. Also Hive+ shows your support for the server, not because you played a lot.


I think Hive+ will be great for 10000k QP, since the regulars can’t grind too much 'cause of the quests limit.

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No this won’t be added because the Hive makes most of it’s money from Hive+ as said by ceoricon.
Even though people who can’t afford it would like it to be added :<


Hey there,

This sadly isn’t something we’re considering right now. If you’re unable to purchase Minecoins, I recommend looking into Microsoft rewards :slightly_smiling_face: