Add tagalog (philippines) language

I suggest we add a tagalog language to the hive. It will make filipino players that aren’t fluent in english much understand things in the hive.

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I don’t if it is useful considering english is widely thought in ph schools. BTW It’s the first day of school tomorrow.

not for everywhere but some places start.

like me

gl with school

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thanks for reminding me :cry:
but ye this should be added

I think there’s no need for this, English is widely thought in Schools here in the Philippines.

I really like to have filipino language in hive but there’s no way they going to add this because filipino teaching English in school

i would love to have the Filipino language on the Hive. i guess because most Filipinos don’t know english really well, i’m not saying that all Filipinos doesn’t use the English language but i wanna use it for convience. for example, i have someone that i know doesn’t know or speak English and wants to play on the Hive.