Add some new minigames

Hive should add some new minigames or a minigame gamemode similar to cubecrafts one I cant remember what its called xD, the current games on Hive do get a bit limiting thats why the LTM’s are so fun.

Edit: Maybe some different new games specially for Hive would be cool like Hive wars idk lol

Hello !

The Hive wants to be an original server, with its own games.

You can see the public roadmap for the upcoming features here

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Yeah, @qader2006 that’s a great idea!. The Hive tries to stay unique from all the other servers out there, so they try to add something unique, rather than recreating already existing mini-games. Hive is always open to suggestions like yours, so keep up the work! :sweat_smile:

They’re gonna add some new minigames in mixed arcade for swarms. Plus next time put this in #suggestions

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Mixed arcade and swarms aren’t connected, are they?


Idk they might or might not be, that’s just what I thought.

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