Add Sequoia, Pineapple Port, and Hotel California from Java

Seeker mains cannot relate. Also, we played in parties of 3-10 people, so hiders had people to talk to or did other things while being carried : )


2,250 hours is not an equivalent to 7000 days? In fact all it adds up to is around 93.75 days straight. Were you using minecraft days as a unit?

Also people could play for 6-12 hours a day grinding on HNS, if that’s what you meant.

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Yes, they are different in terms of gameplay, because they do not “go afk in a corner and hit a button 5 times in 90% of games” which was suggested. I never said that was better, just that not everyone who plays the game hides.

no way someone would EVER play that much hide and seek

edit: and you obviously don’t have anything to contribute about the actual topic of this post so please stop being antagonistic :slight_smile:


Hide and Seek does need more maps. unlike other games where maps are just themes and all work the same way. the hide and seek maps are literally the game, they require the surroundings and your memory of the surroundings in order to be able to seek. if you have if you have say 10 maps (example idk how many maps there are off the top of my head). it’s faster to burn out as there’s less to remember, but if there’s 20 maps it requires more time to memorise them all.

i literally don’t understand why there is also a helper trying to fight against implementing more maps when it could boost player counts in the game (which isn’t player count what keeps a server alive)

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I don’t believe rechenheft is against more maps in any way, he’s simply passing information along (that hive doesn’t want to implement old maps and would rather build new ones) as well as adding his thoughts about it.

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The argument has already ended, why do new people on the forums like to bring up arguments that ended and then say stop arguing, it’s slightly more understandable than the guy who bumped an 8 month old post to tell them to stop arguing, but you can look at the like on a post by clicking on the number and see that rechenheft liked it, so the agreed to disagree (or rechenheft agreed and forgot to vote lol,)


:exclamation: Disclaimer :exclamation:
I see a lot of arguing so I might clear some things up. I never said that I am against new maps/updates nor that I 100% disagree with this suggestion. I’m going to summarize everything below as it might have gotten a bit confusing due to the many posts before. <3

  1. I passed information along, that The Hive said in the past that they will most likely not add “older” Java maps as most of them are a bit outdated by today’s standards and that quite a few of the most popular Java maps were already ported.

  2. I gave my personal opinion on the three suggested maps. You are free to disagree with my opinion, it’s up to personal preference at the end of the day. :blobheart:

    • Sequoia: The map has an interesting and unique layout and could make a good addition to the game, but it would probably need some changes first.
    • Hotel California: The map could be too big for 16 players as Java Hide and Seek had more players per game. Sure, some maps like Town Square are also very big but you already rarely see seekers win on maps like this.
    • Pineapple Port: Hiding spots are on an island with a structure. I’d simply love to see a more port-ish map, where you dont necessarily hide in a “building” when there are cooler things like ships around :)

Looking at the pictures (or at least pineapple port, seq looks alright I can’t tell which bit is where you hide and which is just decoration), I can see that they would need a decent amount of touching up, because if you look at just the dock area alone, it wouldn’t suit team nectar’s current standard (random jungle planks mixed in with leaves etc.) for the rest of the map it seems alright, but would definitely be improved by newer blocks and the new textures don’t judge me for liking newer textures more, I started playing in 1.7 so I have nostalgia for old ones still , I couldn’t see it well in the video I was watching because the person was moving pretty fast and it really annoyed me because the video was about them getting 20 kills but they just used hitboxes to see which blocks were hiders lol.

Anyway the “idea” (concept? layout? style? idk) of Pineapple Port is nice and I probably will build it in survival if I find anyway to see the map since rip hive java

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(Hitboxes don’t show you which blocks are hiders, since you can only see them if the block isn’t solid, in which case you know it’s a hider anyway. Basically the equivalent of seeing bedrock cosmetics when a block isn’t solid IMO-- just helps for visibility from afar. Just about every seeker main in java used them because there were some spots that were impossible to see without-- for instance, a cauldron hiding in another cauldron is only visible with hitboxes on, or flower pots hiding in grass or cauldrons.)


nah moldbaby isn’t toxic they just want to keep their main a secret (their main isn’t on the forums afaik, they also use their alt for the discord too idk why). Also why are u just attacking them like that? Judge this on the merits of the case made not on what you think of the people making it lol.

Regarding your original point about touching up the maps, I believe that was moldbaby’s point as well.

No there was a different person who replied to 5 of my posts in a row. They were all toxic and their bio was ‘some of you may know who I really am’ the message got deleted tho.

Moldbaby is actually good at discussion

Edit: There account got deleted bc they’re an alt I think

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