Add scyth to death costume

I think Hive should add the scyth to Death costume from maxing deathrun to match with the npc in hub. I mean, the sg costume has the dagger, so why not let the Deaths have their scyth?

This is very similar to this
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Some things:

  1. The DR max skin DOES have a scythe, however, it’s on the back or the costume

  2. Putting the scythe on the character wouldn’t work because it’s to big for the actual costume.
    The reason SG has a dagger is because it’s much smaller, and can fit into the costume better.


how do you think that’ll look if you r running around in skywars with a scythe in your hand, and where would the weapons be held

The survivor costume holds a spear in the left hand, maybe it can be similar for the death costume?


Take a look at the thread linked here ^
It’ll explain why we don’t have it :slight_smile: