Add rods (sky wars the hive pvp minigame)

theyre just worse snowballs, if snowballs exist then why not rods? if you’re going to say that this is unfair for mobile players advocate for snowballs’ removal

(remove the pulling function if this is added)

d u p l i c a t e s u g g e s t i o n

What do you mean rods?

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  2. Mobile players can use snowballs really well, as can pc and console players, so I don’t see a use for fishing rods to be implemented when we already have something that does the job well.
    This is also a duplicate suggestion, please use the search feature before posting, you can find the original post here
  1. ???
  2. rods have more durability and snowballs come in like 6 so
  3. rand minimodding how fun :sweat_smile:

idk how to combo with a rod, and snowballs would be useless

@Hlzyzptlk @AniKitten @kaiurii u know wat to do