Add Replay IDs to hide

This is one of the games that NEEDS it seeing as it’s insanely easy to get away with hacking since we can’t see their usernames.

Here’s a follow up question, why would hackers play on hide and seek, not belittling the gamemode as is, I just think that hackers are not going to waste their time playing a game that you just afk on. I just think that if a hacker play on hide and seek, they must have a lot of time in their hands. Once again, I am not belittling someone for choosing hide and seek as their main game


you can just use speed to get away from seekers idk

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Someone once was on top of a building in Office, making it impossible for the seekers to kill them.

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No I have seen a lot of hackers on hide and seek speed and fly hacking In my time grinding to level 50

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Hello hello!
The Replay system is still in its very early life, and still in development. We don’t know if we’re going to add it to all games; much less which ones we won’t add it to, if there end up being any.
A good way to figure out which block is hacking is to go into the escape menu and look at different people’s skins by clicking on their names - that way you can see which block they are, and will allow you to get their username.
Hope this helps! :blobheart:


Yes, but imo, hackers would not probably just hack on Hide and Seek, they better be off in Skywars and Treasure Wars

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Yes but I’ve still seen a lot of hackers in H&S

Hey sorry for the late response but this doesnt always work, ive tried this and most of the time it just shows the person as invisible.

Alot of hackers play this mode because you Can’t see peoples usernames until they die or leave (get kicked mostlikely)