Add More blocks to TW

First if this suggestion already exists tell me because I searched it up and I found nothing

Basically the title says it “add more blocks to TW
The block list is what ever you guys prefer because I do not know good blocks to add

Some could cost more than other maybe some could cost emeralds or diamonds.

LiKe BeDrOcK???

20 char

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tnt for like 10 gold to 2 diamonds.

Ok some people are going to say it’s op when it’s not. The price is cost of full set of tools. There shouldn’t be a cap like on gaps cause there are actual counters. Only people that would want a cap is people who can’t counter. Useful against annoying teams with like 7 layers in squads

Tnt for 2 diamonds or 10 gold would be op lol, if they were to add it it should be like 32 gold or 10 diamonds or something between there, so you can’t just initial rush with tnt


1x Obsidian = 3 Emeralds
and to counter it Diamond Pickaxe = 10 Diamonds

Its useful in a situation where you’re the only team in a 4v4v4v4 it wouldn’t be too OP, and it would be very useful if TNT did get added.

As much as I wouldn’t want obbi, that is just straight up false, you might not want it and I don’t, but there is alot of people who want it, so yeah

And they probably won’t add it since they’d need to change the entire game to add it, i.e add some new tools and stuff, and then it’s not alot different than hypixel lol


I was more if thinking of stair blocks

i want obsidian and tnt bit no one else wants it so idc

i understand that people dont want the game going for too long, but have you guys seen Hypixel games? They can last up to an hour. It’s fun

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If I want to spend an hour in one round then I’ll play UHC or scrims.
Normal games lasting up to an hour?? Hell no

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32 gold would be to much. Again it’s not op if cause most good players can counter it lol.

Ok then i want flint and steel

lol why would you want a. flint and still lol just wondering

To troll the ppl

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Issue with that logic is not everyone is good, and if you coordinate it right if tnt costed 10 gold you could have one guy rush with blocks one guy with a sword, and one guy with tnt at like 24:25 (counting the approximate time it takes to go to the shopkeeper) and at minimum get the treasure 90 percent of the time, I think my suggestion of 32 or 10 diamond might be a bit much, but I don’t feel you should be able to initially rush with tnt for this reason.


3-5 diamonds would be a decent price so that dias have a use

I think in squads and trios there should be individual stone variants

Cake wars have dispensable platforms sort of like a 3x3 auto-bridge, that would be cool

probs like 15 ish gold

oh heeeeeeell no thats an obby defense in 18 ems, 15 ems if you use wool to be able to place obby on the top of the treasure

games on hypixel last 45 mins max. treasurewars games are 25 mins max.

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