Add level based matchmaking

Level 1-9 will queue together
Level 10-15 will queue together
Level 20-30 will queue together
Level 40-75 will queue together


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I would recommend you to change this to #suggestions

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It has already been confirmed that lbm will not be added. If you were not aware, the Hive does have Pbm (Player base matchmaking).

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pbmm is “platform-based” not “player-based” matchmaking btw

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Although this won’t be added soon I have some tips in matchmaking.
First is to queue every time there is a sweat on game although it may take some times it’s worth it cuz you won’t run into a game where sweats dominate.

Second is try joining on less active regions for example if they are sweats on Asia you can experiment on playing on other regions to see if there are also sweats playing on a specific time.

Third is try partying with good pvpers so they can provide you with assistance on pvp.

Honestly, as a mobile player just “get good” is amazing advice while seeming to be silly. if u get really good at comboing you can murder people even on pc, I recently had a friend show me a clip where she combod a dude and webbed them on a wall and then shot them to death in skywars and she’s on mobile. Also, sumos are a great way to get better at the game.

Side note, I’m a bit biased towards combos bc I grind seeker kills and so combos are pretty much essential for me (yes im on an 8 yr old ipad so what).

Stay off pvp games late at night bc thats when all the sweats are on and all the noobs are off.