Add an Option to Disable Treasure Breaks in Custom Servers

Add an option to make it impossible to break treasures in TreasureWars custom servers. This would be useful for sumos, and any other type of scenariio where you don’t want treasures being broken. :ok_hand:

and sacrifice an actual ending to a game? no way.



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This would be for sumos. Also, custom server operators have the ability to end the game.


Oh I did not know that.

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oh yeah true. nvm then!

pretty neat. but should be disabled if the operator or the one in charge leaves for more than say a minute.

Bonk because this should be a feature
Anyone who plays in 15 player sumo, knows how much this helps

Also, when you say they don’t break, you mean no player can break them right?
Or not even sudden death?

I would assume sudden death can’t break it either, as that defeats the purpose to an extent lol

7 months later…

i still think that if the operator left without any “Backup” operator for a certain amount of time it should be enabled again.

This needs another BUMP
I think we need this.