Add an LTM category to the forums

There are many suggestions for limited time stuff… like Ghost Invasion, for example…
So why not make an entire new category for them!

That’s the idea. Maybe the colour could be a beige one?

I find it a nice idea. For example, because the Ghost Invasion is a game of Hive (even if its Limited Time Mode) it should have its own category, because the fact that its a LTM, it doesnt undo the fact that it remains a game of Hive.

Also, I know only Ghost Invasion and Skywars Royale as LTM. Can you say me the others?


Snow wars is another


@Stellar6666 I have never seen this gamemode because Im not so much time on Hive, compared to you. And because the idea was for LTM, it worths to be on a category too. Are there a lot of them like this? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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While it’s a decent idea, The Hive would not have the time to make all the edits and changes to the gamemodes. Why? Because, it’s an LTM.

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So if you are asking ar there a lot of LTM’s, then not really, but here are some examples:
Block drop(used to be an LTM)
Sky royale
Snow wars
Ghost invasion


But still they can improve them

I like this idea! We’re not in dire need of it, but it could be beneficial as opposed to putting a suggestion for a LTM in the “Anything Else” category. Voted!

I see your point that, yes, it’s difficult to make significant changes to a LTM in the short time that it’s on the server for. But, it could be beneficial for the Hive Team to hear out feedback/suggestions for future years (for example Ghost Invasion, which usually is a recurring game). (:


Very, very true! A category could definitley be good if The Hive is hearing suggestions for future events, but for LTMs that have already been released, that isn’t as good.


I think this would be better as ‘new modes’ rather than just ltms, so it would include stuff like honey wars and portal wars those were just the first ones I came up with ok