Add A Search Bar to the Reporting Menu

:rotating_light: DISCLAIMER :rotating_light:

I am 75% sure that is is not a dupelicate suggestion. I have used the Search Feature to double check that this is not a dupelicate suggestion.

How will it work :grey_question:

So basically when you report in games like Skywars :cloud: :crossed_swords:, Treasure Wars :pirate_flag: :crossed_swords:, Etc. . .

You have to manually find the players name :credit_card: and reason of why you reported :loudspeaker: them.

Well what if we can use a Search Bar :mag_right: so that we can find fasten :fast_forward: up the process.

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Wow :open_mouth: this is a cool :sunglasses: suggestion that would add a useful feature to the Hive’s :honeybee: server. It would be very cool :sunglasses: to have a search :mag: tool :toolbox: to help report players in the game. Voted :ballot_box: Seriously, you didn’t have to use that many emojis.


I like this but I don’t see a need for it
Unless u are playing Sw Or Tw Megas it is just kind of useless because there aren’t many players in a game of sw
Making this will just waste time in my opinion
Maybe I am wrong so if u have any counter points lemme know

It takes you 2 seconds to scroll, I don’t see the need of this


Sometimes people word their suggestions weirdly, so when you search it might not come up.