Add a reason before locking a post

Simple. Just add a reason in the thread before locking a post.


  • It doesn’t look good, it’s like we’re being silenced.
  • We may jump into conclusions about why the post was locked without a reason. (Ex. No one asked for the post to get locked then some mod/staff member locked it out of nowhere so the community would think otherwise that it got locked for an unreasonable reason.)
  • So the community will know if further discussion would be needed or not.
here's some examples of posts that got locked out of nowhere and may be interpreted in an another way

Not sure why they’re locked, no one asked for it to get locked and the discussion was civil.

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The first instance maybe violates the rules?

It’s unnecessarily necroposting in a thread just to lock it?


If it is then maybe they should say why the post was locked?

I said that because the closure was also a necropost.

nah there was posts that existed before hand before splodge closed it, which is why the post was close, and yes those posts are deleted. i think he closed the post so it doesn’t get more necro-posts.

Hello :wave:
We always provide a reason/ explanation as to why we are locking a post before we do it.
Certain exceptions are;-

  • If someone is breaking any rules (Splodger closed that post because that post didn’t need any further discussion and yes, to avoid necro-posts)
  • Where someone else has answered the questions/ query.
  • When a post is controversial/ inappropriate or its there just to create chaos or mislead players.

You can always contact us or email [email protected] if you have any objections regarding a closed post.
And Lastly, @zWhxtDoUWxnt did provide a reason for closing that post

I’ll be closing this thread since we already are doing this and you can contact me if you have any further questions :grin: