About bows

ok so idk if this have been suggested, but please let the bow shoot close range, the “bows deal less damage in close range” thing this is annoying and you cant get a bow combo, at first i thought it was only in a cs but its in public games too, so pls remove them i know that bow spam is also annoying but snowball spam is also the same thing but deals no damage

so pls remove the short distance limiter for bows

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Not getting bow combos
is far less annoying than
bow spam
this is my opinion.


I mean a other solution to bow spamming is 3 arrows at close range then no damage?

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bow spamming helps, snowball spamming only delays, bow spamming does damage snowball spamming doesn’t

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I agree, I always thought that you could get around bow-spammers if you used the environment and had good strafing. It’s kind of like removing combing because people don’t know how to avoid it, for me at least. I always enjoyed maneuvering around a bow spammer. I will respect their decision though.

does anyone else not have an issue with bows/snowballs being annoying. i dont think bows should be removed cause it is easy to counter. in skywars and treasure wars, if someone is camping an island, just get a ender pearl or kb bb and you can get them. if its close range then just move side to side. im not sure how people can find it annoying if you can get around it with ease

you can’t get around it easily, the way kb boomboxes work, if you get damaged after the boombox explodes then all the knockback given by the boombox is cancelled and only the hit kb is counted, the same goes for poison/fire damage, fall damage and snowball/bow damage

FYI ender pearls are 3 emeralds each, while bows cost only diamonds

that would totally work on a bridge… oh and isn’t bridges the main part of skywars? I’m not sure… :thinking:

ItzDonaterik, why remove it if the community wanted it? Unless the community didn’t want it… I don’t really know.

Imo they shouldn’t do damage close range but they should do the same kb


so someone is gonna snipe you mid while ur flying like 30 blocks per second? ive done it, once, about a year ago. also, you can just go up if its on a bridge. its really easy if you can go up and get behind them (as most of the people that do that are on mobile or console, so it wont be hard)

Because he’s allowed to have a different opinion

I’d be ok with removing this, but I’d want bows and arrows to become significantly harder to get

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what are you trying to say here?

but dude, the other person has a bow, they can easily just shoot you when your building up

what are you trying to say here?

its really hard

but dude, the other person has a bow, they can easily just shoot you when your building up

if you place a block in-front of you when you are building up it is hard. people have done it to me and its hard to shoot them if the block if blocking ur sight

are you suggesting that bow range should be removed or no?

the other person could just run away by then :confused:

im not really sure why people dont like bows. i can see if ur not that good at the game then it could be annoying, but i dont really find them issue.

haven’t you read the word ‘bow spam’ before?

The close range bow actually gives an unfair advantage to people with lower ping as hive knows where they are faster and there is less location desync, from what I’ve noticed bowing someone moving towards me (with low ping) from 8 blocks + away can be almost impossible but with medium/higher ping people it’s almost guaranteed to hit. It also gives them an advantage while bowing because there is less of a delay (in which the other person can move) compared to someone with higher ping.