Able to see the topic that won a badge

Basically, when you earn a badge, you can’t see the post that won said badge. For example, I was looking at the contributions badges and wanted to see the post that won it, but I couldn’t. I think this would make the forums a bit more cooler than it is right now, only because you can see your success.

This is a small idea, so hopefully people’s attention spans aren’t so bad when reading this. Thank you for taking your time to read this!

I’m 99% sure this is something out of Hive’s control and would be a suggestion for Discourse. We will have to wait until a Hive Staff confirms it to be sure though.


Ye, I think the hive can’t do anything about it. :sob:


Even if hive is able to add this(which is unlikely), what’s the point most of these badges are just for doing simple tasks such as, liking for the first time, editing, posting, and etc. I just don’t think it’s a big thing to be proud about honestly they are more of a tool to make you learn about the forums rather than an achievement.


So many To-MAH-toes… Why not strawberry?? Also im pretty sure this is for discourse an dhive cant change this


You actually can see the post that won a badge, but only for badges for specific topics rather than things like liking and linking or whatever :)


How many times have you got it?!?!

only 31, i’ve been a lot less active recently unfortunately :(

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31!!!?!??! How did you do that?!!?

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