Ability to enter cs again if invite is available


[you know when you spam e perls when you falling in the void in cs is common but when you phase tho the ground it kickes you so make a thing to join again]

So you mean a /rejoin feature?

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Yeah I personally agree with this and think that should be a thing since I always get kicked from the pearl thing a lot…and a rejoin feature would be good on some of those things imo

yea its important

This is a good Idea especially for cs where kicks are more common

I believe you are able to rejoin by joining a friend off your friends list who is still in the custom server.

I believe they’re trying to say rejoin the game and be able to play with others again. If you join from the friends list you are a spectator during the rest of the game.

you can also use the code ex. /cs NA_kasdfj