Ability to break blocks on tw maps

Minus the spawn and shop area, I think it’d be cool to be able to break the map like in sw. Also, trapping go brrrrrrrrrr

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I disagree, as the point of tw is to kill and break treasures. Thats how “wars” games work


This would make the game a billion times more annoying than it already is so thats a no from me.


Honestly I would love to see how this would play out but, as a ltm of course. If it goes well with the community it could be implemented into games. If it ever was implemented into games the Hive would have to change a lot of maps. These maps aren’t made to be broken so there are some barriers, which wouldn’t work well with breaking the blocks around it.

Explain skyWARS then but also your opinion is correct and this would be a downgrade towards tw

But what people can do is break ALL the blocks around spawn, so the person is stuck at spawn and cant get gold or blocks.

It doesn’t make sense, as games like skywars have 1 respawn

Whole spawn island or just majority of it would be unbreakable to prevent stuff like that.

I have thought of a different way which this could be implemented and be more liked. Maps can’t be broken until sudden death happens then all the blocks become breakable. On top of that all barriers will be removed so there isn’t any issues with that. Why would you want that to happen? Well sometimes there are player(s) who glitch into blocks and can’t be killed. It doesn’t happen much, but when it does it’s terrible. Having all blocks being able to be broken at sudden death will fix some issues, no more emails of people wanting their winstreaks back, less reports, and a way of prolonging being gone. Game play wise this wouldn’t affect much, because sudden death rarely happens.
Sorry I replied to you, only the first sentence was replying to you, Cam.

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