ABC Starter game

Since people have been doing hive games Ima try myself the game is called ABC uhhh… Starter

Rules: its like ABC to infinity but make a word with it

Example: America then next person b. Then continue.

Please be successful

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I’ll start hehe

Animated… Sorry

Boy, please don,t double post. You can edit your post with the pencil icon.

Or don’t. I’m a participant.

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Computer, which I play minecraft on

Diamonds, which I collect in TW.

Emeralds, which my sister always rushes

I do not think that counts as Double Posting


Girrafes, are cute

Harassing people is bad


Jumping, around the pig…

Killing people is fun (in video games)

Lol I agree

Minecraft, is loved by all!

I was about to put the n word down in this but I forgot this is a kid friendly server sooo




Playing hive right now

Quests are very broken

Ready to play Sky Wars?