A splash of colour

Discourse Colour Plugin

My suggestion is rather simple and based around the actual forum software itself. There is a plugin on Discourse that would allow you to type in colour. An example of the format will be posted below, but I think this would be great for threads that need that extra splash, especially the likes of admin posts, pinned threads etc.

Formatting: [color=red]This would be red[/color]
This formatting would also work with HEX codes.
[color=FF0000]This would be red in HEX[/color]

Yes please, I would love to have my text in rainbow.


But isn’t hive trying to keep the forums clean
So like simple and stuff? I think colour might mess it up

That is the reason why I said it would probably only be used for the likes of forum announcements, highlighting certain words or features. :smile:

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oh i see lol

It was pretty much a response to that which was probably a joke lol