A spell of anti nemo

Can Hive add a spell of anti nemo where it wouldn’t activate itself until a fish hits you. It works by using it and activates only when somebody hits you with a fish. It gives you temporary hit protection from FISH ONLY and normal combat won’t change that much. The main purpose of this is to only protect you from somebody fishing you to void but not on other pvp items like sword or bow to combat unfair uses of the spell.

EDIT: This is a past idea so I might remove it soon.


I like this idea👍

Interesting idea! You can vote for your own suggestion :))

Why tho?
The intention behind the nemo is for it to be un- counterable- ish
Because a nemo is very rare and hence its OP-ness is balanced


I mean there are alr plenty ways to counter it…


Yeah but imagine being sabotaged with a nemo. You can’t pearl that high so if you have a bad map for clutching it makes nemo unfair for pvp.

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That’s fax right there…
Also good point


But nemo campers…

These 2 things make it too OP, maybe you’d need to have a good reaction time to activate the fish before it can hit you.
Also giving speed for 10 seconds and having hit protection is useless, you’re still gonna have to fight the nemo at some point. I think you should only have hit protection against the nemo, so you have some time to counter the enemy with a fair fight before they hit you with a nemo again

But otherwise, I like this idea


Nemo’s have like a 1/200 or something chance of dropping
It might me 2/100 idk
So you probably won’t run into people with it that much
Just go in a one deep hole or away from the void
There are plenty of ways to counter a nemo, the hive doesn’t need to add something like this
Just play smart and you’ll win most of the time

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Like playing smart doesn’t mean you’re lucky. Imagine dominating but being rekt by a steve without even knowing he was gonna attack.

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You didn’t include nemo campers.

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Someone probably said this but im too lazy to check

Spell of KB reduction. This wouldn’t be just good for nemos but most aspects of pvp.

This since it work for alot of things it has a higher chance of being implemented because more people are gonna use it because it has more uses. Remember the Nemo is a rare drop from ems

Think of it like this. Lets say hypothetically 5k people played skywars every day. Only 1-2k would get a nemo from ems. Then maybe 1-2k get your anti nemo. Seems balanced right? No because a very small portion of those people would get an anti nemo with a person with a nemo to use the spell. Lets say 100-1000. Making it useless to 4/5 of players

Obviously these aren’t the same numbers and there are alot of factors that play in to this, and these numbers aren’t correct, i just added so you could have a picture in your head what it might be like.

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IDK if the stats are real. Though it’s not useless if you think that the spell can be useful in some rare games.

The stats are not real i used them as an example

2 yea it would be used ina rare game. Not enough to justify having it

It’s your choice to believe. Though I agree it’s quite rare and useless most of the time but can be useful in times of need.

That’s part of being smart
If you see a “Steve” standing near an edge, position yourself to where they can’t hit you off, this applies to whether they have a Nemo or not. That’s just simple game sense

The same logic applies, just use a tracking compass and if you have a pearl or some other form of smarts, go behind them and win the game
It’s not rocket surgery

I’m sorry, I just thought this was hilarious. This has nothing to do with the topic, but I just had to point out that I thought that was funny

i get it like one in every 5 games (i mine like 10 ore a game usually less)

That’s lucky

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