A Skill Version of Archery

So When I play Treasure Wars every game there’s at least a person with a bow and IMO Bows are way overpowered an I see People Saying Crossbows instead but I think a more Skillful way is Crossbows with Fireworks. It’s already in Minecraft.

How it works

So when you shot it A Firework comes out
But if I Hits a player It goes passed them
It Explodes after a While and has a radius of 2.5 Blocks

What I think this would do is you don’t just aim at them you have to know how far it goes to hit someone with it.

Other Option:

Remove the bow

This is probably not gonna work because there isn’t much ground and fireworks don’t explode on impact, and particles may cause lag.

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The Point Is Fireworks don’t Explode on Impacted So you have to Find the Right Distance To Hit Them.

In the game one of the Cosmetics is Particles.

Also, I don’t know what you mean by there isn’t much ground.

The fireworks need to slide on the ground to be a bit slowed down so they will hit the person or else the fireworks will go straight through the person

Same as before Find the Right Distance to hit the player

That doesn’t always work

The Hive Devs might be able to make it where it all ways hits at the same Distance