A simple way to deal with Hackers!

How many times has it happened that a guy (hacker) just starts running the course before the race has started with speed hacks and stuff. You are initially angry but you forget about him as soon as the race starts. The next thing you know is that he has completed a map which takes a minute to complete in about 35 seconds, reducing the time limit for everyone and ruining the fun.

My suggestion is simple, if on a map which isn’t possible in less than 50 or so seconds, if anyone reaches it in about 40 seconds, kick him and don’t reduce the time limit. This hacker won’t get any exp nor will his win be counted, this will also discourage people from hacking.

Thanks for reading!!

This has already been implemented in a deathrun update (a little bit after the deathrun content update).

Hackers that reach an impossible time will not be counted in the podium, but I don’t knock if they get kicked/punished.



oh ok I didn’t know that, sorry for spam posted this can be closed yeah.

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