A problem with my friend

OK, so my friend is on the fourms but I am not going to say his name, but we often play every game on the hive, best one wins and looser gets to do a dare. He always adds something extra that I don’t agree with but he continues anyway. He also likes to camp and hide at his base in SW or TW until someone comes to him(he is good at PvP though). I also have a solo survival world that he wants to play in. He wants to use my base and my farms to make him look better. Idk what to do. Plz give me advice. I have not played with him this week but I see him today because we go to school together.

I don’t hate him, he is one of my best friends, but I was just wonder what I should do.

If you would like to keep his friendship with him, which I am assuming you do based on what you said, try having a crucial conversation with him. A conversation is crucial if something is at stake. Sit down and be patient. You want to communicate that you don’t like what he is doing while still being respectful and not unfriendly. Do this with your voice if you can - it is easier since you can put a tone into your voice much better than you can with text. If you don’t value this friendship that much, perhaps you can go about it a little more harshly.


megathonk intensifies

i uh have no idea what to do

Thanks I will see him tomorrow but I probably wont talk about it until weekends

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lemme guess… @GatorAce7

already taken care of :smirk_cat:


oh no you pinged him hes gonna see this now

eh it doesn’t matter if you’ve already taken care of him :o

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Camping isn’t allowed if ur tryna prolong the game so report them for that and move on but I feel like AU’s advice is WAY better. I suck at being sympathetic even though I feel bad for you since I’ve gone through toxic friendships before D:

All of what Centuria said! Personally, I think that good communication is the best way to start looking for a solution to any problem. Be open and honest about how you feel but also try not to make your friend feel like they’re being attacked. Tread lightly but don’t be afraid to speak your mind. As your friend, they should be open to listening to problems you may have in the friendship.

Imo it doesn’t become completely toxic unless they refuse to listen. I always like to give people a chance to learn and grow from their mistakes and it’s whether or not they’re wiling to try that says a lot about them.

That said, camping is indeed against the rules so if anything you can mention that you don’t want your friend getting into trouble. Eventually, it’s likely someone will report them for it.

Good luck :+1:t2:


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