A “Parkour Wars” gamemode


Parkour Wars

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Well, here’s a gamemode that I came up with.

Parkour Wars!

Basically, Parkour Wars is a king of the hill styled game in which the goal is to use your parkour skills to make it to the top of the map. The problem is—there’s other people trying to do the same thing! PvP is enabled, and it combines parkour skills (which isn’t presented pretty much anywhere else on the hive), with the classic fast paced PvP that we all love.

Here’s some screenshots from a tiny alpha version I made,

People will sit at the top once they make it up there, and attack people who try to knock them off

Another image of what the platform where the “King” will reside

There will be multiple paths to make it up to the top. In this image, we start with four ladders, which then transfer into one platform with two parts. This platform then splits into two more platforms, which eventually converge at the middle.

Now, some notes of clarification.

The maps would be much, much larger than this. Considering there would probably be 15-20 players in a game, there would probably be a lot more jumps before you make it to the top, along with longer time periods before moving to the next sector.

There would be power ups. This is to make the game not completely skill based. Some ideas I had were:

Leap Feather (sends you into the air)

Nemo (sends people flying)

Retry (Allows you to go back to your previous location, say, if you get knocked off)

All of these power ups would be scattered among various levels of the map, and they would all be a one time use.

Podiums at the end of the game wouldn’t be based off of highest position at the end of the game, they would be different stats like there are in Murder Mystery and stuff like that.

Here’s what I thought they would be,

Most time spent as King

Current King (at end of game)

Most players knocked off

Well, that’s my suggestion. I hope it’s a good one, and that it’s not a dupe :stuck_out_tongue:



seems like a fun gamemode with a little twist to it

you got my vote

Also I just want to say that my vindicator and villager examples are fire

I have no friends to make a proper mock-up with :stuck_out_tongue:

This reminds me of the mini game in the minerware game on cubecraft

That’s actually where I got some of the original inspiration from :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to grind MinerWare as a kid haha.

So like the crab game thing. I like this idea

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You got my vote :+1:

thats actually very nice and i would love that kind of game, have my vote

or u could even branch off it and do a parkour tag? great idea btw :+1:


Maybe there could be different gamemode variations under one Parkour NPC :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s for a different suggestion though.

Name needs work, but got my vote!

yeh it is a cool game and idea but there is a lot of work to be done

I made a slightly better mock-up of an actual map. Note that the parkour isn’t extremely difficult

I’ll post a video showing what gameplay will look like once I get home (I’m on cell service right now)


if u want i can help in the creation of it and test stuff. add my discord the_kaidennnn#0810

I’m going to bump this since I forgot about this suggestion haha, thanks for 20 votes by the way.

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Oh hey I forgot about this suggestion
It’s a pretty fun game so I’m gonna bump it


Honestly I might turn this into a suggestion for The Arcade, I think it would fit better there.