A new limited-time only minigame

I wish that they’ll add a minigame where you and others are forced, I mean calmly asked to make items/blocks to be put in a chest and the first ones to do so after doing an another short activity win.

So basically this is how it goes,

-You were asked to make a combination of different blocks or items.

-You got all the ores, logs, stones and blocks needed to either smelt, craft or make them yourself.

-Other players also have the same combination of blocks like you to complete, just like some bingo…

-If you completed your queue of tasks, you’ll have to do another short but just as tense of an activity, based on what the mini-game map’s theme (maybe some parkour, shooting an arrow, placing a button etc…)

-If a player/group finished first before the others, the time limit will be cut in half.

-If you finished it all before or just as the timer stops, you’ll win.

-The first three to do it all first will get an additional amount of points.

-In the Duo/Group edition of it, everyone will share the longer and a bit much queue and must finished the short activity too…

Amount of players to play, at maximum:

10, Solo (10 teams, a player each)
16, Duo (8 teams, 2 players each)
24, Group (6 teams, 4 players each)

Ok but instead of making this an ltm put this minigame in mixed arcade instead.


Lapfamily47, that’s a great idea too by the way.

I wish that they’ll add to mixed arcade…