A new game idea

-Name of the game: Raiding the castle.
-Teams: 2: defenders (protect the king) and attackers (must kill the king)
-Game time: 5 minutes
-Max players: 16 (8 defenders and 8 attackers).
-What is the king ?: an entity with as many health as a boss treasure in treasure wars mega.
-How is made the castle ?: here is a top view of the castle made with paint:

-Edit: This is the new correct model and so the old model was deleted.

and for stuff… It’s your turn to decide it ! :wink:

Kinda cool idea! I can see you actually took time to make this with the model, great job! If this were to become a game mode I think kits would be a good idea.

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This sounds like it might make a good game for when (and if) the hive makes an arcade system. I overall like the idea but I don’t think it should have its own NPC.

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Awesome game are you going to make a 3d model of it for starts plus if it is can i be a admin for that game?

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idk how to do a 3d model and idk if you can be an admin if this idea is accepted…

I think its a good idea, but i think the map needs to be worked on, i think some good changes would be…
-Removing the wall between the Attackers spawnpoints so they can chose what way to go, the way the map is now makes it basically 2 4v4s
-Put the defenders spawnpoint inside the kings room, if it was at the entrance, it would be hard to get in unless the attackers had better stuff or the defenders respawn time was very high (around 15 seconds)
-More entrances to the kings room so the defenders cant just camp the door and because they respawn mush closer to the entrance making the attacker role really hard
-Revamped corridors because of the previous point

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I like the original idea! Great suggestion! :]

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yes i agree with you for all of you said but for the corridors i will see

i have a new model now, I hope it will be better:


You should probably send that to the admins so they can have a look and maybe even add your game in!

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but how ? By discord ? Or by E-mail ?

I’m not quite sure on this one but I’d go more towards contact on discord. The email is for support type stuff.

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The post is dead… Only here… Maybe it was denied…