A new configure for the Cruiser mount

As most of you know, the Cruiser mount came out and has some configure settings.

I’m suggesting that they add a new configuration to change which side of the mount you are driving on. Since here in America you drive cars on the left side of the vehicle, making it weird to me to be driving from the right.


Seems like good idea it just doesn’t seem to be a big enough problem to add


I would also think it’s not too difficult for the devs to add :person_shrugging:

I mean maybe, it’s just that would mean that by buying the cruiser mount you get 10 models, for the same price as the spaceship giving one. Also I’m not American so I wouldn’t use it anyway lol

(if you’re gonna reply don’t just focus on the last sentence and point out the obvious)

I’m struggling to see how that is related to my suggestion.

Then this is likely a typo.


I literally said that the cruiser was better since you get 10 times as many models, what the hell is the hoverboard, I’m so confused.

You disagreed with me, and when you explained why you said what I said. Is this a translation error on your part of something

It appears i’ve mixed up two different suggestions. My bad

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This is true. Maybe Hive is secretly training us because the UK is going to take over the Americas and we might as well get used to it…

ANYWAY I think it would be easy to add (just flip the whole car texture) and change the driver’s seat. But I doubt it’s important enough to get fixed

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Yes but 5 of them are the exact same thing with the dashboard stuff and the wheel flipped

No reason not to add this when all it takes is anyone with some knowledge of blockbench to go in and flip a few things for it to be made


it would take a few minutes to implement for each mount

also, so what if you get more, you already do with having 5 models, what’s the matter if you get 5 more that just have the wheel flipped

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Sure, it just annoyed me that some people (not you) were going onto QoL posts saying it’s unnecessary when it would take 5 minutes and then going onto a post like this which a) Is a minor and unnecessary QoL change and b) would take 5 minutes to add, and voting for it.

Well done, you have successfully changed my mind

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