A new command o.o

So ya know how /Hub transfers the player to the Hub, what if “/New Game” automatically joins you to a new game.

The /queue command is similar to this, just type in the abbreviated version of the game you want to enter afterwards.

Here is a list of all of them

/queue DR - deathrun

/queue HIDE - Hide and Seek

/queue MM - Murder Mystery

/queue WARS - Treasure Wars Solos
/queue WARS DUOS - Treasure Wars Duos
/queue WARS TRIOS - Treasure Wars Trios
/queue WARS SQUADS - Treasure Wars Squads
/queue WARS MEGA - Treasure Wars Mega

/queue BUILD - Just Build Solos
/queue BUILD DUOS - Just Build Duos
(I don’t know about Just Build Duos extended, sorry)

/queue SG - Survival Games Solos
/queue SG DUOS - Survival Games Duos

However, using /queue alone to find a new game in the game you are in is an idea I would like to see.

You already get put into a new game once your current game is over and we have commands that queue you for every game mode, closing this thread since we already have this feature.