A new arcade mini game called tack!

Hey y’all! Me and my friend got an super cool idea for an hive arcade mini game!
So, we often made costume capture the flag surfers and played tack!

The rules are: you need to hit an player to make him the ticker, the ticker then needs to tick another player to go get an runner again, You can use bow and arrows to shot a player in a far distance too! We also use speed Barrys so we can get away faster.

Im showed the game to most off my friends and they love it! I hope this could be another game for the arcade because trust me when i feel you that makes a lot of fun!
If you don’t believe me just make a costume server and try with a friend!

So basically the game tag?

Yes, it’s pretty fun actually

Could you give a video or world download, currently it is a bit hard to understand what you’re getting at.

Begin by fixing the post please. Bad grammar and even bad spelling is acceptable but this? What the heck?

Also is it really worth making it a real gamemode?
Seems more fitting for a hub game. Either way i’m sure this would get boring fast.

You can also play a game similar TNT tag on a certain underrated space server. :wink:


More like hot potato

what do you mean?