A minigame that i used to love but i think the server who had this many years ago is gone

herobrine vs hunters
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hunters trying to defeat herobrine while herobrine trying to defeat hunters
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hunters get to choose kits before game starts
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herobrine has 3 stages. 1 and 2 he is invisible except on stage 2 his head is invis.
and on stage 3 he is visible. and the hunters have to find a nether star ant got to a beacon to make him go throm stage 1 to stage 2 and do it again to make him go throm stage 2 to stage 3 so the hunters can find him. if this somehow get a interest tell me cuz idk if I should tell all the rules here :3

No seems to plain and nothing that interesting. This wouldn’t fit in the hive

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probelly but the game was awesome when it was still alive