A little thing to help with staff impersonation

So one issue (not a giant one, but it’s an issue). Is people lying about being staff in various ways. Now the hive has a few things to help with this, such as the admins having a [A] next to their name and a yellow gamertag nobody else can get. Also the hive has a article on their website listing how the roles work, however some people have never seen an actual admin on the server or gone to the website, so here’s a way to communicate this with someone.

Add a message that goes through chat occasionally, so like what happens with the discord and forums, this could help things out a little bit, and just be a nice QoL feature.

I don’t get why people like to impersonate staff and it really irritates me. Personally for me the easiest ways to Identify is basically what you said , weird blue colour for helpers and yellow for Admin and owners.