A level 41 a hub title!

the hub title for level 41

the deathrun champion

sorry if anyone had this suggestion I thought of it before going to deathrun but checked in the suggestions of death run there is none so I thought this kind of suggestion

i had this suggestion because the level max of deathrun is 40 how about 41? because people are really pro in this game but some people so I thought of this kind suggestion

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So your saying they would add 1 more level just for a hub title? That would kinda seem wrong tho imo. If they did it I think they should at least add more levels, instead of ending on level 41. All games’ final levels either end with a 5 or a 0. They just done a content update for deathrun so idk if they are gonna add more stuff for a while.

Also what do you mean by this:

Either I’m completely dumb, or this doesn’t make sense. Oh wait does this mean you are saying some people are really good at the game but some people aren’t?

Again I’m sorry if I’m just dumb

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well no you’re not dumb
second of all yes but i kinda did not make any sense ;-;
but what i mean since lvl 40 is the max lvl why don’t we add a new hub title if someone finished the game and their pro?

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again i mean that i’ve seen some people finish the game so I wondered why don’t we have that kind of suggestion of a new hub title? and came up with that kind of work

If there was another Death Run update it would cap out at 50. Also, the Hive has a lot scheduled ahead of it, and god knows they’re slow. (Taking over a month for in game reporting lol)

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oof but still i believe on the admins hard working even the people that code here

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They are hard working, and they focus on quality over quantity. The quality is why they take so long I assume