A leaderboard for Mixed Arcade

Before I start, I wanna address that leaderboards is something that often keeps the server active.

Mixed Arcade will be coming to the Hive this year and i was thinking for them to add leaderboards in mixed arcade for the games that mixed arcade will have. Since Mixed Arcade will have games and micro-games inside of it, the leaderboards should only be to top 1 to top 10, not everything that i say is something that i highly suggest, i also would consider it being from top 1 to top 20.

There can be a few high numbers of players consistently joining the Hive for the leaderboards so i think adding one for Mixed Arcade when it comes out will be a good thing to add if it hasn’t already been undisclosed, Let me know what you think :))

This will most likely be a thing soon after it is released

hopefully , but we don’t know anything about that, have we?

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