A good balance for armor in treasure wars (very good)

So what i think is that you should spawn with a leather helmet pants and wood sword. So we need the leather pants and hat because it takes 5 minutes to get armor and your gonna get rushed in 2 minutes. The Leather armor will help to balance early game 1v1’s. And I think we should spawn with wood swords so you have a better chance of killing someone who just killed you and now rushing you. When you buy armor it gives you the chest plate and boots. This will make 1v1’s against players with diamond so much more balanced, and respawining with armor will still be a thing.

Or just play more aggressively, bedrocks small skill curve would make leather armour near catastrophic. It works on hypixel due to the skill curve being different, but on bedrock it would screw up literally everything. Like inpvp has swords at respawn and so does mineplex and it makes these games harder than intended. I’d be ok with like a wood pickaxe for a spawn weapon but nothing more than that.


I would recommend checking out your other topic which also talks about the addition of leather armor to balance out gameplay.

Also, Please don’t create a new topic based off something you already said :slightly_smiling_face:

2nd time saying this, hive isn’t hypixel. sorry


I don’t think we should respawn with wooden swords, but I don’t like it either when I end up with only a fist.

Maybe a Sharpness 3 stick?

For the armor, we could simply remove the chestplate.

removing the chestplate wouldnt help and a sharp 3 stick does 1 less damage than a wood sword

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Removing the chestplate will nerf the armor by a lot. Do your research. A sharp 3 stick would work better than a wooden sword because as thegamingtoy said, the skill gap between bedrock players is vast, and sharpness 3 sticks would 7 shot people while wooden swords would 5 shot.

Also don’t double post.

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I mean not exactly true, its just the skill curve is different and most bedrock players play on bad setups compared to java, and the fact you just simply don’t need to be as good. Like some bedrock players do bad on java and good at bedrock, while some java players might not do as well on bedrock. They are similar games, but not the same game


I’m pretty sure a good java player would easily beat a professional bedrock player, bedrock players aren’t used to “real”, hard pvp.

Yeah, but cxlvxn did tie a bedrock pvper dreacho kinda once

Link please? And I’m saying just generally

The knockback mechanics on both Minecrafts are different, therefore causing Java players to play worse on Bedrock and vice versa.

It is also harder to combo people on Bedrock because of the velocity.

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i wasnt being mean i was using playful humor

I think we should leave alone the armor balancing, for now.