A game you want would be good for mixed arcade

If you could choose a minigame for the new mixed arcade games, what would you want it to have.

I’ve seen people give great ideas on discord, some ideas are games that exist in some known java servers and some are their own.

I feel like a game with something to do with nemo is a good idea. What do you guys think :slight_smile:

A longer version of RLGL
BlockParty is already coming
Electric Floor
Death Tag
Hole in the Wall
and others that i can’t think of


something like tnt tag

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Strider Races

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Can you tell me what is BlockParty?? I haven’t played Java so I don’t know

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So you’re on this platform made of many different colored blocks and there’s music and you’re holding a certain colored block then after a while all the blocks except for the one of your color disappear and the last person left wins


YES OMG electric floor needs to make a comeback, I’ve spent too much time on that game when it was dead, yet it was WORTH IT!!!

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go to the designated colour (in ur hotbar) in time before all the other colours disappear and players who aren’t on them on time will plummet into the void!!!

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shameless promotion but… Capture the Hives (a quicker version of this)

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