A Dinosaur map!

A dinosaur map for kids who loves dinosaurs! and a bonus hoodie trex when u enter the map for free not free in lobby tho
a raptor in the roof in every base
a trex in the diamond gen
a ptera soaring the skies
a volcano in the mid
and a cave underneath the mid(hard to enter)

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I don’t know exactly what you mean by this. Do you mean like a map like a hub or for a game?

I think it’s a map like Grumpus Tale or Pirate’s Fortune


I think they’re talking about a TW map

must be since they mentioned dimaond gen

This is for Treasure wars map sooo it must be added mean its a good idea right?


If there is life then it would be wonderful! :grin:

Your fans would love this making the game more adventurous

I could see this being a map, but not getting anything when you enter it, there could be a separate skin or smth.

But just because it’s a self-called “must be added idea” doesn’t mean it will be added.

I could see a dinasour themed map, but that’s it. and it would take a while.

Plus not everyone will love it


Im just here waiting ^.^

or they can add another dino skin like a triceratops skin

it’s not gonna be added or will be noticed by someone on the build team in two seconds

Also it’d have to be building dinasaurs, they can’t (probably don’t want to but idk) code in dinosaurs in just for the map.

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i didnt say i want it out rn

sry that’s just what I’m getting by you saying that.

the volcano thing is quite cool


This’d be cool imo
I love dinosaurs